Confusing Ease with Divinity




Is struggle not a part of the path to the divine?

I have wandered though many circles who look to “ease” and replace it with the presupposition that to be easeful is to be sanctioned by God (Source, The Divine, The Path, etc…). A mother does not simply find a self-sufficient child in their arms one day, however. A jungle is not more divine than the Himalayas simply because food is in abundance, an easy-up tent is no more sacred than a cathedral or a pyramid. Our deepest love is never one that avoids challenging us to grow in ways we were resistant.
Ok. I’m being pedantic, but sometimes it’s best to start off a point with some umph.
The idea we must stop trying to force that which is not in alignment seems to have regrettably been confused with the idea that the alternative would then be easy, or without effort. This is not to say that nothing comes easily in life, certainly not, only that many divine incarnations take work. This is ok. In fact, its beautiful.


Perhaps divinity is the synchronicity of finding ourselves confronted with the problems we are uniquely positioned to solve, the projects that build our character and/or support our community, the lovers that tear down our walls to build and inspire our souls, the challenges that prepare us for the next round, and a line of support to pick us up where we fall. Divinity, then, being the driving force of love manifested.

Synchronicity can bring ease or hard work. It is the true divine nature of it is that provides clarity though alignment. This alignment often brings work and responsibility but in the context of our deep purpose in life. Our excitement, passion, joy and commitment make the work more fun.

False Starts

Being in alignment is also not at odds with the concept of false starts or problems along the way. Issues and conflicts are essential learning platforms that can catch us up to speed giving us the tools that we need to create larger more important visions. What is important is that we are spending the time to integrate that which stands before us. Divinity does bring with it a narrative where by these waves bring you closer to your true calling and in deeper alignment with your values. If you find yourself being pushed further and further from your passions or the loving person you strive to be, then that is a sign you are deviating from the divine path.


We are all interconnected. Because of this moving forward means helping others find their path as well. As students, teachers, and explorers getting somewhere is only the first step. We are the scout. The next step is to create a pathway for others, and help dismantle the barriers we had to struggle with. This can take even more creativity, hard work, and commitment then getting there ourselves, but if we are to truly feel the rewards of any accomplishment then we must embrace such advancement as a community. It is perhaps for this reason that so many cathedrals and sacred sites around the world hold such beautiful energy. These are places that were built by communities and enjoyed by communities for hundreds of years. Some of which were built through several wars, natural disasters, and the usual messy human politics of community.