Author: Carlen

Interpreting Cusps

Interpreting the cusps can be quite an art. There can sometimes be a fascinating mix between the two signs, and other times a clear switch into the next energy. Over time, as I study more of the physical nature and makeup of astrology, this metaphorical understanding has become increasingly helpful. It explains why the “fuzziness” of interpretation is more toward the end of a signs cycle, and not as much as the beginning of another. It also explains how a few degrees can create such a clear shift energetically.

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Introduction to the Elements

The elements in astrology are based on the four element system, widely discussed in many different religions though time and around the world. The elements are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. We will discuss each one below giving you a small taste for their meaning. The idea here to begin to understand what astrologers mean when they say he has a lot of “water,” or she has a lot of “earth.”

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